Frictionless member experience is the buzz word of the moment. But most of the Financial Institutions, Credit Unions and Banks are just not there. Why so? Because for most of the members\customers it’s “just too hard” to become a member\customer. Even by its name the process of becoming a member\customer sound like something that will require herculean effort to achieve. Here is where IMPACTO’s member onboarding creates disruption to old rickety outdated traditional approach!

True to its name IMPACTO is sure to create a lasting impact in removing the operational hurdles to achieve a fulfilling member on boarding experience

IMPACTO Customer On-boarding does this by

  • Minimise member Input: IMPACTO’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) adapters can read the Input field details of the member from the Identification documents uploaded, thus minimising the customer keystrokes.
  • Watchlist Screening: IMPACTO’s high precision real time watchlist screening adapters; screens the applications details against most of the world’s well-known SDN, PEP, Sanction and Criminal Lists.
  • Risk Profiling: IMPACTO’s in-built decision support system based on Qualitative and. Quantitative risk parameters help in analysing and scoring the member risk aptitude.
  • Faster Turn Around Time (TAT): Parallel Workflow based processing across business units as opposed to traditional linear workflow.
  • Extensive Audit: Audit trail and history of events and retrieval of scanned documents on demand.
  • Interactive Dashboards. Alerts at every stage to solicit information & call to action.
  • Configurable BPM engine to support collaborative mode of execution of tasks.
  • Highly interactive and virtual assistant driven user experience.
  • Ability to integrate seamlessly with any third-party application.
  • Microservice based architecture, allowing independent use of IMPACTO’s adapters
  • Future proofed design and architecture based on bigdata technology.