Companies can count the number of times they have got vast amounts of data, unaware of what to do with such information. Although the data offers great value when used efficiently, this is not entirely true. Data piles are fully treated without a Data Analyst, by applying data analytics and developing business intelligence, which can successfully analyze the data piles and process them with the enterprise visor of importance and data sensitivity.

Sirma team will provide your company with the required experts to seek the information that will help perform a solid base to undertake accurate decisions. To perform that, we will consume the data piles using the following processes.


Embedded Business Intelligence

Embedded BI is defined as the report integration and views of analysis and consoles into any kind of application by the usage of this service, the existing information is showed and managed in a secure way on a BI platform and embedded directly into the user interface of the application, in order to improve the context and the data usage.

Using this technology, we can substantially reduce the time and the overall cost it takes to create reports and analyses.

The Business Intelligence merges with the UX application to provide the clients with an enriched work setting, along with the information from within the existing applications currently used by the business.


Self – Service Analytics

SSA permits end-users to easily examine their data piles by generating their own reports and modifying existing ones without the need for training. It offers customers the aptitude to create reports quickly, allowing them to get data analysis using a minimum amount of time. Thus, offering the aptitude to take control of your own analytical requirements. Our group of specialists will work to help you extract maximum value from your databases and your applications.

Data Discovery

By using this facility, our group of specialists will collect important data from all your databases and data silos in order to merge them into a single data source that can easily and successfully calculate in real-time.

The service that we provide to your company will enable you to search for patterns / specific elements in a data pile or data sequence. Data can be consumed in multiple ways in the corporate environment and can be used independently or can serve different purposes.

Every organization would require specific ways to analyze the existing data, with a similar goal: to get a strong database, which will help in taking good business decisions to optimize the processes within the business.

Most of the renowned enterprises understand and acknowledge the value that Business Intelligence has to offer. We are in the process of building a seamless Business Intelligence Applications, a strong and full-bodied Big Data Infrastructure and Enterprise Data Warehouse, as well as potent reporting solutions.


How can our BI solutions transform your business operations and strategic capabilities?

Sirma consists of experts and talented employees, who can create variable Business Intelligence solutions, which keep the customer's objectives at the forefront and bring sharp understandings that are most predictive of the upcoming situation; our specialists can successfully merge their technical expertise in Data Warehousing, Database Management and Business Intelligence with our expertise across industries and domains.

Sirma can enhance the following features of your enterprise


Our group of prepared specialists offer an overall understanding of your enterprise identify high and low productivity, negligence and monotonous activities to improve the productivity per employee, which is correlated to the revenue income per employee. These features will enhance your business with our Business Intelligence Solutions and Data Analytics Solutions.


Our Business Intelligence solutions seamlessly assimilate with the client´s CRM and drive in-depth visions that can be interpreted into business increase initiatives backed by compiled data. The highly accurate data-based visions will have a greater chance of allowing business hastening and brand recall to increase.


Being provided with our team’s expertise, your employees will be able to accurately target the right information, launch the right products/services and contextual marketing across variousm channels. To ensure the gathering of a major wealth of customer information and to leverage the proliferation of the digital touch points-lead client meeting will also be possible via the new generation of our BI solutions and ensured full-bodied Data Silos.

What are the solutions that Sirma´s Business Intelligence and Data Analytics offer?

We offer all-inclusive and comprehensive Business Intelligence Solutions taken from consultation during the Pre-Business Intelligence stage and we have applied these solutions to provide the best to our customers in the post implementation, support and maintenance stage. Once the information is gathered, order is maintained to ensure that the values of the production are correctly compiled and assimilated.

When our clients implement a Business Intelligence Solution that does not provide accurate results which have negative impacts on the company’s ROL, our team of specialists, using their expertise can accurately improve and make changes.


BI Consulting


Data Visualization and Reporting


Data Warehouse and BI Development


BI Maintenance and Testing


BI Re-Implementation and Support