The world has grown to believe that data warehousing is just a synonym for Business Intelligence but in reality, data warehouse is a tool that keeps the accuracy and integrity of the data via a process named Extract, Transform and Load, or mostly known as ETL which is an acronym of the initials of the three words. This process loads in groups, porting it into the data warehouse’s desired structure.

Meanwhile, Oracle Applications that provide Business Intelligence services must give the company not just Data Warehousing but also this application comes in with Data Analytics which is a huge bonus.

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications will give your company not only Data Warehouse services but also Data Analytics, mining, and considering a low cost for the services, you will have all the benefits of our hard work on your database.

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Our Business Intelligence will be focused mainly on generating a business vision for products such as escalating ranks, positioning, pricing goals, profitability, the performance of the sales, the forecasting, the strategic direction and the priorities on a wider level taking into the lens a broader perspective of the business data pile to manage.

While on the other hand, the data warehousing provides a significant service of storing all the data of all the companies in a single place. In the data Nutshell, Business Intelligence systems and tools make use of the data warehousing facilities and act as a foundation for Business Intelligence.

These processes are extremely important in today’s competitive business environment and it is a common knowledge to all. The reason is that they bring the best data management practice, and positive data practices also bring positive results with them. The Oracle Business Company provides the Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing for all of its users in order to help increase the business and gives all of them the opportunity of enjoying the long list of benefits of implementing a solid Business Intelligence program in their company.

Being our client requires you to know that the application of Oracle for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing services for the analysis of the information have different goals being connected and not being capable of doing their work without each other.

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The Services that we provide using the technology of Data Warehouse are:

By storing comprehensive data in a structured relationship structure, we ensure that the data warehouse can also provide an answer to a whole variety of complex questions.


A single access point to the data, rather than those systems that require users to connect to dozens or even hundreds of systems individually. It permits access management to focus on the same point.


Assurance of data quality.


A story of the data they store.


What is Oracle´s Data Warehouse Architecture?

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Data Warehouse's are built in huge variety of forms in an attempt to represent and structure the complexity of the organizations that use them. However, the basic architecture form is consistent

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When the raw information is formatted, sometimes called data cleansing or normalizing, the formatted or normalized data is stored in the data warehouse itself.

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With Metadata, our data engineers can maintain a DWH in order to collect information about the data sources of the Metadata, putting a name to the conventions, refreshing schedules, and  

using this information to keep high the data quality and making sure that the Data Warehouse is serving the purposes for which it was created.

Our major services offerings include

BI/DWH Strategys

Regulate our clients´ BI/DWH strategy, including architecture schemes and design, selection of tools, database organization, major data control, business case and roadmap of the WH.

Key Performance Indicator Design

Help our clients pinpoint the metrics and measurements that can drive business value.

BI/DWH Maturity Assessments

Assess our clients´ existing BI/DWH maturity and capacities that can drive business value.

Advanced Analytics

Help our clients go one step further in analyzing their own data. Examples include data mining, predictive modeling, pricing analysis, and spend analysis.

BI/DWH Implementations

Help our clients develop and implement an architecture for the information storage that supports data warehousing, reporting, analysis.

How Would our Business Intelligence and Data

Warehousing Groups Help our Clients?

By avoiding the characteristic drawbacks of BI/DWH enterprises

The deficiency in information control, deficiency of strong business guidelines and metrics, and absence of executive sponsorship.

By realizing that the core benefits of a good BI/DWH enterprise

Timely, precise, accurate, reliable information, superior decision making via greater information disposal and the reduced risk and cost of managing information.


Key Benefits of using our Data Warehouse Services

A data warehouse preserves a copy of information from the basic transaction systems. This architectural complexity service provides the chance to


Mix data from multiple basis systems allowing central sight across the initiative. This benefit is all the ways valuable but particularly so at that point where the organization has grown because of a merger.


Rearrange the data so that it brings excellent query performance, even for complex analytic queries without impacting the operational systems.


We have advanced data quality by giving in stable codes, descriptions, flagging or even fixing announcement data.


Restructure the data applying a business insight so that data makes sense to the business user’s objectives.


Present the organization's information regularly.


Add value to operational business applications, notably customer relationship management (CRM) system.