The execution of a re-engineering development for a specific business process can be a game-changer and can ensure that your business comes out on top of all the competition. The Business Process Re- Engineering can act as a miracle for a dying or deteriorating company by increasing the profit amount and driving increase rate substantially.

Our experts on Business Process Re-Engineering are the people who will help your organization to re-imagine and get the most out of your business process by taking revolutionary designs in order to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

The Re-Engineering of the business process is a systematic discipline that has the task of reducing the cost of the organization and the realization of those redundant business processes which involve the analysis of existing human and automated workforce.


What is Business Process Re-Engineering?

Business Process Re-Engineering is the act of recreating a core business process with the goal of improving the product outcome as well as its quality and implementing a cost reduction.

A good BPR model will involve the analysis of the company workflow, finding those processes that are ineffective and inefficient, and figuring out ways of getting rid of them or tweaking them in order to reduce cost.

What are the steps of our Business Process Re-Engineering Services ?

Step - 1 : Recognize and communicate the need for change

If there is no problem currently, but the company is not going as good as it could be going, then the problem should be researched. We will start with simple questions such as which processes are not working and categorize them and also look out for what the opposition is doing:

Is it doing the same, better than you, or worse than you?

We will use the opposition’s experience to ask ourselves why you are doing better or worse.

Once we have all of the information compiled and up to date, we will elaborate and come up with a very comprehensive Business Re- Engineering Process plan that takes into account all of the strong and weak spots of the company business process management and this plan strongly involves leaders from different departments.
We will then present our plan: conveying with the grand change insight, showing exactly how the change will affect from the lowest-ranked to the highest-ranked employee in a positive way.


Step - 2 : Putting together our team of experts

The Engagement of a Business Process Re-Engineering procedure requires a team of experts of high skill in business management, and fortunately for you, Sirma has the best experts in the business.


Senior Manager Operational Manager


Reengineering Experts

Step - 3 : Finding the inefficient processes and define Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

The third step, once our team gets ready, will be able to define the right and most useful KPIs by using the typical KPIs procedure:


Defines cycle time, changeover time, defect rate, inventory turnover, and planned vs. emergency maintenance.


It’s all about time to repair, support ticket closure rate, application development, and cycle time.

Usually, there are two ways to map processes:


Process Flowcharts


Business Process Management Software.


Step - 4 : Establish a comparison between the Key

Performance Indicators after re-engineering the process.

In the end, once we are done with the whole analysis and planing procedure, we will start with the implementation of the solution of major and minor scale changes, keeping up with the theories on practice in order to test if the KPIs will hold up the process.

What are our Business Process Re-Engineering Methodologies ?


Hammer Methodology

The methodology introduced by HM popularized BPR.


The Davenport Methodology

Using this methodology is very easy. We just need to put all the information technology at the center of the re-engineering.


Manganelli / Klein Methodology

M&K Methodology state only to focus on those business processes that are crucial to the strategic goals of the company and customer requirements.


Kodak Methodology

Developed by the international Kodak organization and is applied across all facilities worldwide.

What are our Business Process Re-Engineering Methodologies ?

There are many ways of knowing if you are in need of Re-Engineering the Business Process in some key times, you will just want to start thinking about the process of eliminating your existing processes and go up for a fresh start with a new Business Process Implementation via Business Process Re-Engineering.

Although, the major signs that indicates to go for a Business Process Re-Engineering procedure are:


When your industry or business has been affected by any kind of technology.


When the requests for refund start to rise from customer complaints and demands.


When internal problems within the company and with employees start to grow.


When too many meetings are being organized to resolve issues


When there are too many conflicts in the organization


When incremental improvements are not possible

Why our Business Process Re-Engineering Service has no cons?

We are proud to guarantee that our groups of specialists are the best at what they do.

Your Business Process Re-Engineering is not going to fail because:


We will not apply it to more than one process


We have long – term, clear goals.


We do not end up with only minor changes to the process


We dare to put your process on the anvil


We do not apply it continually, just when it is necessary.


We do not focus more on automation than redesign.