The confidential information of an organization is commonly stored in a database. Usually, this information is about customers, partners, or employers, making such information highly sensitive. Most attacks occur through breaches in data piles. This is the reason why the database offers a security level that plays a major role in repelling today's technology hackers or rogue malicious insiders.

A major part of cybercriminals will jam over the mechanical procedures or patterns that work by seeking data that is overexposed or insecure. The management will be at risk as the hacker or cybercriminal menace is more than just a simple anti-malware software or firewall. That is why organizations need attention and time to maintain the database's defense to keep attacks away. This is difficult while keeping the privacy and quality attention to the customers and partners so sturdy where the Database Activity Monitoring or DAM enters the playing field.


What offers Sirma's Database Activity Monitoring to your company?


Sirma's Database Activity Monitoring tasks are accomplished via a combination of methods to observe the Data Pile and monitor, capture, and record database events. The Tool System includes net sniffing, understanding of database audit logs and/or system, and memory scraping. Notwithstanding the methodology chosen, the data must be controlled all over a period to get a precise result of the database activity.

The correlation can be truly simplified via the tools offered, providing the ability to detect attacks for the Database manager.

What makes Sirma's Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) unique?

Database Activity Monitoring is a group of tools that can be used to help identify and report any kind of fraudulent, illegal, and undesirable behavior, keeping the minimum impact on user operations within the productivity of the organization.

The tools at the disposal of the DAM user has evolved from simple analysis of user activity tools into a true database management system, giving a comprehensive customary capability, featuring the discovery and classifications of the entire pile of data, vulnerability management, analysis at the app level, preventing intruders, supporting the unstructured data security systems and identifying management for the access control. All the tools also offer support for cybersecurity risk managers.


What is Sirma´s process to choose the right database?

The features of the Database Activity Monitoring are consultation, implementation, Maintenance, and Support. Database Activity Monitoring Solutions offer so many ways of securing problems for companies. Three thousand workers' in the company have concentrated in the practice of groups managing various cybersecurity areas such as the Database Activity Monitoring area. The pattern that the Database Activity Monitoring use tools can report significant increases in sales. The optimization of the activities can be boosted with the DAM tools, which help in measuring the impact of every gain and activity that is carried out.

We at Sirma prioritize our client's safety; hence we will demonstrate the security level that we offer our customers to win their trust and will ensure that their information is protected. The way to comfort the clients while keeping valuable information safe is using our Database Activity Monitoring.

The selling of the DAM has a Unique Selling Proposition. This happens because while certain tools can monitor a certain number of database levels activity, the DAM monitors the whole data pile by an alarm triggering system on system policy violations. Our System of Database Activity Monitoring records activity in order to learn from the experiences while monitoring in real-time and casts alerts following a rule-based pattern system of alerts. Read More

If forensic evidence is left from the residual attacks, then this information can be successfully traced in case of a need for tracing an actual attack to a Data Breach. In opposition to the malicious attack, the capability of protecting from malware of this technology is enormous.

Sirma's Database Activity Monitoring solutions are fully an unbreakable layer of defense from criminal and rogue attacks to the database or the security System. This service is offered without losing the trust and comfort of our customers. Read Less


Why choose Sirma to protect your databases?


Database Activity Monitoring of Sirma is a system that breaks the intent of cracking the defenses of most of the cybercriminals and attackers, offering a layer of detection for undesirable events and conditional alarm triggering for prevention of information stealing and client safety demonstration.

Our DAM will keep the monitoring tools functions that lead the data analyst and security managers to combat malware with the program more complex than simple antivirus and firewalls, without losing an eye on the client's needs and private facts. Mostly, the attack occurs through breaches in the data piles. This is why our Database Activity Monitoring Services will offer sufficient security level for repelling today's technology hackers or rogue malicious insiders so that they can be blocked successfully, keeping the data pile fully protected always.