Sirma has been growing up,thanks to more experienced men and full dedication, delivering solutions to the banks in worldwide level. That is why it is the preferred IT Managed Services Providers leading enterprises, not only in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance(BFSI). We have gained the name and recognition because of we guarantee to our customers, as the better strategic IT outsourcing partner, that we can help them to transform IT operations for maximum positive business impact with an non-existent error range.

Our Application Managed Services Team proves that they come with an extensive and related expertise in managing,not only the entire Application Landscape to ensure business continuity, but also including development support and maintenance across support levels from L0 to L3 (always coordinating with the respective OEMs standard of application)

Our principal function and the thing that gave us worldwide rename is our way of working. Do you want to know what does that means? It is very simple,we do hard work to ensure that their applications (both core and non-core) as well as custom applications function seamlessly while they are focused on their core business without any kind of concerns. Working hand to hand, each one in their side is how we increase each business impact and why we are preferred for so many important organizations.


When the searched level is reached, our teams start working on the needed improvements such as intelligent automation to accelerate efficiently the work and reduce as possible the human intervention.

At this point, we start preparing the cloud enablement roadmap to, in alignment with the business owners of the application, migrate to the Cloud the functionally and technically relevant application through our proprietary model.

Sirma is also selected cause its Infrastructure Managed Services Team enables our own customers to manage and self–maintain their IT infrastructure by creating an end–to–end Infrastructure Maintenance and Support Process, leveraging our expertise across Databases and Operating Systems.

Our consultants are trained to handle everything from co–ordinate with OEMs of the respective technology products if required, to logging tickets and resolving each issue that may appear.

We are completely enable to carter Managed Services requirements of our customers cause of our related expertise in right–fit talent sourcing, in–house training and, why not, learning through Clover Academy. We can stabilize operation in the quickest possible time, working hard and restless when we take over from an incumbent vendor, for example.

We can also accelerate returns on investments for our customers by artificial intelligence bases solutions, security, deploying automation, and process efficiency, thanks to the improvement phase kicks in post stabilization.

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Sirma as your preferred Managed Services Provider, could and will be immensely beneficial for you if:

data preparation
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If you are initially trying to invest your time and resources on IT operations as against core business operations, you will definitely need our services

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If your business applications and underlying technology are not future–proofed and crisis–proofed, Sirma's Managed Services will provide you the tools and knowledge to solutionate your troubles.

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If you are not leveraging the latest advancements in technology with your IT investment, you definitely need to optimize and we can resolve it as quick as possible.

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If you are not creating a seamless plan for ensuring that your business is up and running at all times, as your reliable managed services partner, we will make your IT ready to adapt, scale and evolve as per the business dynamicity and challenges.

Cloud Managed Services

Infrastructure Managed Services

  • DBA
  • Network Management
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Capacity Management and Quality Assurance

Application Managed Services

  • Performance Management
  • Problem Management
  • Incident Management
  • Security Management

What we offer as a Managed Services Provider?

Managed services for Global standard
ERPs (Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Epicor, etc)

Managed Services for in–house developed
application with availability of source code.

Managed Services for Infrastructure Platforms (UNIX,
Linux, Windows) on–premise/cloud.


We can also provide services as quick as possible.


We can also provide services of real–time status reports, portal–based access to comprehensive and also periodic documentation.


We can focus on legacy modernization, enhancing cyber security,intelligent automation and cloud enablement enchasing RoI on Managed Services.


If you finally get Sirma on board as your Managed Services partner you will leverage the following benefits. Why worry about technology requirements, on–boarding teams and spend management bandwidth on them, when you have the solution in front of you? With us, you can be rest assured that all your expectations will be not only surpassed, but also always in time.


Cost and effort Optimization: We can do IT expenses and convert into a “Pay-as-you-use” model, and save on staffing cost, salary expenses, administrative costs, etc.


Proactive Management: We will ensure that your business will be operating seamlessly round the clock.


You should trust in us because we have the experience and preparation, we provide efficient managing and have been working and gaining positive results around the business world.


Develop of new–age technologies and solutions focused on legacy modernization from our in–house CoE.


Optimization of existing applications for improved ROI, with measurable, simple and transparent deliverables.


Optimization of existing applications for improved ROI, with measurable, simple and transparent deliverables. Ensure seamless business operations based in a proactive collaboration with existing vendors.