To get the maximum outcome from the existing infrastructure, you need to get the optimum use for processing power, maximizing your database value. Hence, we can help you by adapting our performance tuning services to your data pile and look into the requirements of your company to get the maximum benefit.

The contract provides for an improvement in your system's response time without changing anything in your system or upgrading it for any configuration. This is what our Performance Tuning focuses on. You will realize the benefits of the system when you notice the decreased load with decreasing degree performance, which was the condition of the system before using our Performance Tuning Services.

The service we offer will be relevant when you start controlling the overall application costs without the need for compromise on the actual performance.


How can Sirma's Performance

Tuning Services help your company?

Sirma has experienced employees that prioritize their clients. The performance tuning experts will resolve any problem you have without the need of producing, procuring, or upgrading more systems or the already existing ones.

They have been previously sought by more than one customer performing an end-to-end analysis of the base and core application and of the underlying databases, enhancing productivity and the output efficiency.

Want to know how Performance

Tuning works?

No recommendations or errors supporting before the group of specialists identify the bottlenecks on the performance, and then start to simply implement their knowledge in order to ensure the big sight performance of all of the applications and the underlying IT infrastructure.

Our Approach

A detailed system analysis

The exhaustive analysis of our system's facts will enable you to set goals you want to accomplish by the system's performance. Not only are we enhancing the overall performance of your system, but also trying our best to optimize our customers' costs along with providing with best results in Identifying the problematic component

Corrective actions taken

It is in this stage where we start executing the previously read and approved recommendations that have been agreed to this execution is a long and exhaustive process that can only be culminated via deliberation. But we ensure maximum effort and results from our end. Read More

read and approved recommendations that have been agreed to; this execution is a long and exhaustive process that can only be culminated via deliberation. But we ensure maximum effort and results from our end.
The act of investigating and latterly understanding the nature of every single problem that appears is also included in this stage. In order to identify problems as well as other performance obstacles, we need to start System Audits and In-Depth Analysis of the data and applications. A detailed report about current system health, visions for system usage, and major recommendations from our specialists are always in the report to be mentioned. Read Less

Types of Performance Tuning Services that we offer to our customers:


Application Tuning

Approximately 80% of the system performance problems that your systems could have will be resolved by our experts by coding optimal SQL.


Memory & Disk I / O Tuning

Proper sizing of database buffers (shared pool, buffer cache, log buffer, and others) to prevent frequent reloads. In Disk, I /O Tuning of the files that are correctly sized provides full Disk – sub disc throughout.


Eliminate Database Contention

Here, we will eliminate contentions such as database locks, latches, and wait for events. Data access path, data partitioning, data replication, and many others, also taken care of to provide more security for your systems.


Tuning the Operation

will monitor and tune the operating system, CPU, I / O, and memory utilization


Code Optimization

This includes improving all the codes so that there are fewer loops involved, and the code will be executed completely and as quickly as possible.


Configuration Optimization

Configuration tuning includes improving the performance of the application but, more importantly, finding the best configuration for complex applications such as Big Data, Database, and many others.


Caching Strategy

It is used by our experts to remove performance by retaining obsolete and frequently used information in high–speed memory, reducing access time as possible, and avoiding repeated computation.


Load Balancing

This arrangement results in the use of many systems equally for addressing many services requests, resulting in proper utilization of all the resources without any system remaining idle.

• In order to improve your security, we provide these services to make sure that your system's response timing is good and that it can be done at an affordable amount. Our main aim is to improve your current applications and database performance with no additional costs. These are the reasons why we are the preferred company to deliver services for the best.

Which are the benefits of our Performance Tuning Services?


With our Performance Tuning Services, we will enhance your applications, databases, and systems.


We will improve the response time of critical systems.


We will decrease troubleshooting incidences..


There will be an enhancement in the end-user experience.


Elimination of additional hardware or up-gradation cost is also important and will benefit you.


The reduction in the operational cost of the company.


Also open for queries, thereby ensuring maximum uptime for critical applications.