Testing as a Service (TaaS)

Sirma’s TaaS framework comprises strategic assets such as process, people, and technology dedicated to the testing needs of businesses focused on increasing efficiency to create value for our customers. Our service offerings are differentiated into four core areas that cater to each requirement that a business may have.

Sirma Differentiator

QA Trends-Shifting from functional to business assurance

Test Center Excellence

Centralized Testing with Standardized Processes

Reusable Test Artifacts ( Frameworks, Templates etc. )

Transparency Through Metrics

Flexible Resourcing & Costing Models

Knowledge Repositories & Talent Management

Key Focus on Test ( Inhouse Automation Tool - iBorg )

Methods of Testing Services

The following are the various methods of software testing. Sirma uses all methods of testing services depending upon the usages and requirements.Manual testing is a key concept to ensure that the application is error-free and works in conformance to the specified functional requirements. We at Sirma perform detailed quality analysis (QA) by physically using the functions and features of an application as an end-user, with the aim to deliver software that is free from defects. We focus on the software’s specifications, user-friendly nature, and user acceptance testing (customer onboarding). Basically, manual testing checks the quality of the software and delivers a bug-free product to the customer.

Automation Testing

As a part of automation testing, Sirma has its own automation tool ‘Impacto iBorg testing tool’ to perform software testing. If there are any new releases, we make sure that the new software is not detrimentally affecting the product. If the product is large, manual testing can become time-consuming. Therefore, automation testing practice is put to task to make the testing procedure extremely efficient.

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As a part of automation testing, Sirma has its own automation tool ‘Impacto iBorg testing tool’ to perform software testing. If there are any new releases, we make sure that the new software is not detrimentally affecting the product. If the product is large, manual testing can become time-consuming. Therefore, automation testing practice is put to task to make the testing procedure extremely efficient. Automation testing results in improved software quality as automated tests perform the same steps repetitive every time they are executed and create detailed reports which are difficult to perform manually. Thus, it generates a high ROI.

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Performance Testing

Performance testing determines the performance of the software by checking its load-bearing capability. We check the speed, response time, reliability, resource usage, scalability of a software program under a variety of workload conditions. The goal of performance testing is to find the bugs in the software and to eliminate the performance bottlenecks to ensure that no crashes occur when the software is live in the market.

Web Security

Web Security is crucial for every profit and non-profit making institutions. Therefore, it is important to have a robust web security setup. We follow all compliance norms (HIPPA/PCI/ ISO) to protect the data of our customers at any cost. Furthermore, we guarantee failure protection by focusing on software performance and load balancing of servers to ensure smooth running.

The QA Process

qa-process qa-process

Types of Testing

The following are the type of testing covered under software testing as a service. The types mentioned are not limited, based on the requirement of the Bank, Sirma will undertake other types of testing:

Functional Testing types include

tickUnit Testing

tickSanity Testing

tickIntegration Testing

tickSmoke Testing

tickSystem Testing

tickInterface Testing

tickBeta/Acceptance Testing

tickUser Acceptance Testing

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Non-functional Testing types include

tickInstall Testing

tickRecovery Testing

tickReliability Testing

tickLocalization Testing

Card image cap
Testing on Device and Browse

tickUI Testing

tickCompatibility Testing

tickAccess security testing

tickBrowser compatibility testing

tickCross-device testing

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Performance testing

tickLoad testing

tickVolume testing

tickUsability testing

tickStress Testing

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Security testing

tickVulnerability testing

tickURL manipulation testing

tickXSS (Cross-Site Scripting)

tickCompliance Testing

tickRegression testing (fully automated using RPA)

Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE)

The approach of software testing as a service by Sirma will lead to establishing the test Centre of excellence (TCoE) that brings into a shared services function, people, processes, tools, and infrastructure. Standardizing processes and optimizing resource utilization is to bring in maturity. The Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) solution is targeted towards customer who are challenged with decentralized and under-performing testing functions, underutilization of testing people, inconsistent test processes and are looking to move up the maturity ladder towards a standardized testing function, and at the same time improves efficiency, optimize people and tool utilization and lower testing costs.


Sirma Test Center of Excellence - Components Overview

Solution Group


tickBest Practices


tickGeneric Framework

tickTraining Center


tickIntellectual Property


BD/ Presales

tickReusable Components

tickPerformance Measurement &

Knowledge Manegement

tickGeneric Data Models

tickKPI Library

tickStandard Testing Deliverable
Templates (Test Cases, Execution,
Defects Reports Etc.)

Key Benefit

Organizations can typically save in excess of 30% of testing costs by using Sirma's Test CoE while at the same time reducing risk and time to market


Test Strategy and Plan

The strategy and plan for the services cover testing Roadmap and refining the existing testing strategy, testing planning for various applications, Providing technical and non-technical resources for various testing projects, Test Plan, Test Case Preparation for planned testing, providing of the requirement to Test Case Traceability Matrix and test case Design.


Plan Initiation


Requirement Review

Sirma will do a detailed analysis of the service requirement and document the same for Bank’s review.The priority for testing will be done by Sirma and the bank


Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis Based on the requirement, gap analysis will be done with help of the bank’s business team


Test Strategy Creation

On completion of the Gap analysis the detailed test strategy will be proposed. The same will be documented and signed by the bank.Any changes suggested by the bank on strategy will be discussed and incorporated in the test strategy.


Creation of Traceability Matrix

Based on the requirement of the bank the forward, backward, and bi-directional traceability matrix will be created as per the test cases. The traceability matrix will be available to the bank through the dashboard.

The sample traceability matrix is given below

BRD - specification  FSD - specification  Test Id  Test Detail  Product code   Owner   Test result  Severity  Status

High Level Test Plan: Base the strategy high level test plan will created and shared with bank for approval.

Test Plan

The Creation of a test plan by Sirma, involves test case writing, setting up and customization of the testing tool, setting up of defects handling. The testing environment required to be a replication of the production and the tool for automated testing will be interfaced with the testing environment. Any defect will be handled both manually and automated so that the accuracy of the testing will be maintained.

Before the execution of the test cases, all the test cases will be properly documented by Sirma. This document will be reviewed by the bank. Once the document is signed off, test cases will be executed. The testing will be done through the completion of entry and exit criteria. As part of entry criteria the test environment and the parameter will be set to start the test. The exit criteria are based on the outcome of the test result compared with the standard result. If the exit criteria are not satisfied, the testing will be handled over to the next process of defect handling or testing.Whenever the exit criteria or entry criteria are not satisfied, the analytical team will initiate the action for mitigation, and log entry will be stored and analysed for further recommendation. The closure of the test will be decided by the test lead after clearly signed off by the stakeholders. The tool which we are using is designed to generate an email/SMS to the stakeholder for critical decision required to be taken by the stakeholder for further process. Test data preparation is a critical activity for software testing. The test data need to be made available in the test environment. Regarding any PII data, Sirma has inbuilt technology in its tool to camouflage data by masking. This will enable the bank to mitigate the risk of data breach.

As a part of TaaS, Sirma provides a dashboard which can be accessed by stakeholders of the bank. The user can access the test results and test in progress which will be available through the dashboard and report/download. The system will be built with secure web services, where the user will be able to download the report as per the requirement in secured way. The user can post their comments which includes signing off the successful testing, authorizing exceptional case, close, reopen of the test case. The bank can have full control over the testing using the dashboard.

Test data preparation is the critical activity for software testing. The test data need to be made available in the test environment. Regarding any PII data, Sirma has in built technology in its tool to camouflage data by masking. This will enable the bank to mitigate the risk of a data breach.

TaaS Methodology

Testing Center of Excellence ( T - COE )

tickRequirement Review

tickGap Analysis

tickTest Strategy Creation

tickTraceability Matrix

tickHigh Level Test Plan


tickDefect Logs

tickTest Summary Reports

tickDefect Trends

tickQA Matrix

tickInitiative Improvement


tickTest Case Writing

tickSetup Test Environment

tickSetup /Plan Test Tools

tickSetup Defects Management

tickDetail Plan


tickExecute Test Cases

tickReport Defects and

tickAutomation Design
and Scripting

tickAutomation Design
and Execution

Other Capabilities


All proposed solutions are future proof and can be implemented on-premise and Cloud as required by the bank.


SIRMA never compromises in the quality of the service. Our quality assurance team is working round the clock which never allows any slippage of quality. For any testing, Sirma Business Consulting (India) Private Limited adopts 3 levels of approval before closing the testing.


Apache JMeter is the performance monitoring tool that is used by Sirma to test performance both on static and dynamic resources, Web dynamic applications. It can be used to simulate a heavy load on a server, group of servers, network, or object to test its strength or to analyze overall performance under different load types.


Sirma uses a strong RPA enabled tool which has inbuilt capability to meet the required specification for the services mentioned by the Bank. All the existing deliverables currently available will be provided by using this tool


Sirma products are safe and secure to use. Sirma takes all precautionary measures to ensure that the bank data is protected and uncompromised. The list of security measures that have been adopted by Sirma is given below:


Standard Practices

Sirma follows standard software development practices of uniform coding standards, guidelines, and reviews. Any data transmission will be reviewed and tested internally for security and penetration vulnerabilities.


RSA Encryption

Sirma uses RSA Encryption for information transmitted during any activity.


Mobile Authentication based Sign Up

Sirma uses mobile authentication-based signup via OTP (one-time password) for authenticating users and allowing access to the data.

Part of software testing as a service, the following level of securities have been taken care by Sirma:

tickPhysical security

tickNetwork Security

tickDatabase security

tickAdhoc security

tickIntellectual property protection

tickPII protection

Infrastructure for Testing

Sirma will be making use of home grown IMPACTO IBorg Tool for the Automation testing. The Tool will be used to access the test environments via VPN provided by the bank. For Mobile app testing the APKs will be installed on Sirma’s test devices or on the devices on the farm. Sirma will ensure that all the platforms and devices used will be at par with the best security standards. The automation testing framework is as below