Sirma BC (India)

  • Sirma Business Consulting (India) Private Limited (SBC India) was started in 2015 under the aegis of Sirma Business Consulting JSC, Bulgaria with a focus to implement FLEXCUBE product and build custom solution around the same.
  • Soon after the launch, in October 2015, Sirma BC secured its first big assignment in the banking software applications space and its successful delivery paved the way to become a brand-to- reckon with.
  • The company works under the guidance of task oriented and accomplished management professionals with hands-on experience in the rollout of banking solutions across the globe as well as deep domain knowledge in the key areas of banking spanning Corporate, Retail & Trade Finance. The team is well experienced in project management, intensive planning and managing the challenges. Sirma members proactively work on issue resolution and handling risks to eliminate any crisis across all the phases of implementation.
  • Sirma is investing in developing the much-needed analytics comprising of customer centric analysis, regulatory reporting, AML, KYS, IFRS 9 enabled along with case management system
  • Sirma is also investing and passionate about future Gen learning management systems and digital enabled learning – Social interaction, real-life like 3D models and learning set-ups, Web as well as mobile learning, Byte size content reinforcement, Game based along with virtual reality and augmented reality learning experience. All this at an affordable cost without any compromise on the functionality needed by the banking segment.
  • Sirma believes in fostering a progressive model of being a trusted technology partner to all its clients.