Sirma BC

SirmaBC was established as a joint stock company in 2006 with a capital of 1M EUR and operates in over 10 countries in Europe and America.

SirmaBC invests in development of custom business solution with a specific focus of banking products and services across the spectrum over the last decades. ,

SirmaBC is acknowledged as the best system integrator in Bulgaria for the year of 2014, and actively engaged as a partner for the implementation of Oracle products as well as best of the breed solutions.

Over the last 10 years SirmaBC has implemented many successful projects involving Flexcube, Oracle EBS, Oracle BI and BPM, Newgen DMS, as well as numerous projects based on Red Hat and Java technologies. The company also offers pure consultancy services related to business and technology solutions. It consists of over 50 highly qualified experts with extensive experience acknowledged by leading companies such as ORACLE, CapGemini, Newgen, IBM, PWC, Qualco and Exprivia